Friction 90's Arcade Race

Experience 90's classic racing game.


About "Friction 90's Arcade Race

It's a car racing game in which players can experience 90's classic car driving.

Extreme car drift and a sense of speed

Enter a corner with an extreme drift at over 200km/h and accelerate at once using a boost on a straight line!
You can enjoy a powerful driving with smooth movement at 60fps.

90's 3D polygon graphics

You can experience the sense of a racing game of the 90's because it reproduces the graphics of the dawn of 3D polygons.

  • 1
    Courses and Car models

    3 types of "courses" from beginner to advanced players. (3 levels of difficulty)
    5 types of "car models" including balance type, acceleration type, maximum speed type and etc.

  • 2
    2 game modes

    A Grand Prix mode aim for 1st place and a Time Trial mode.

  • 3
    Racing Screen

    You can switch the racing screen either vertical or horizontal.



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